Liza Lentini is an award-winning author, journalist, and playwright.  A native Bostonian, Liza is known for her fearless and sometimes controversial subjects, from assisted suicide to military rape.  Her story for Discover "One Universe, Under God" about creationism in the classroom earned her death threats from America's heartland.  Liza's response: "I'll give you my address if you agree to an interview."  

Over the years Liza has been fortunate to work with best-selling authors to further their book projects, and have her own essays published alongside writers she's long admired.  

To some, Liza is best-known as a playwright.  Her career as a dramatist has taken her from the lower-east side to the Off-Broadway stage.  Among her many recognitions are the Harold Pinter Award for Playwriting, and a festival of her early works aptly entitled "LizaFest!" by Manhattan Repertory Theatre in 2009.  Her plays are consistently produced in colleges and theaters big and small all over the country.

Liza's magazine writing runs the gamut from brain science to little black dresses.  She has written for such varied publications as the men’s magazine Gear, the literary journal Grit, and the science magazine Discover, which published her ground-breaking investigative feature on a rare brain disorder in children called Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (November 2007).  In October 2007 her Discover feature "One Universe Under God: Creationism battles for the hearts and minds of America’s teachers", was honored by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE).  Liza had a long-standing relationship with the Caribbean-based women's lifestyle magazine Pure, which had the largest distribution of its kind, until it closed its doors in 2014.  She is a Founding Editor of the new luxury travel site Wonderlust ( The "Magazine" page here contains a selected view of her favorite published clips.

Directly after graduate school, Liza landed a job in New York City at a large non-profit, developing projects and collecting analytical data the old fashioned way -- through phone and mail.  While pursuing her creative endeavors at night, Liza remained in marketing by day, finding satisfaction in the challenge of watching a business grow through her savvy creative initiatives.

To date, Liza has spent the last two decades developing a career as a master storyteller, focusing on real-life research-based projects, attempting to give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves, traditionally for her, women and children.


Liza quickly switched her major from Poetry to English Dramatic Literature to be able to graduate in her third year from Wheaton College in Norton, Mass.  Having earned a full scholarship her 6th and last semester, and after graduating magna cum laude, Liza set out to become a Shakespeare scholar.

That didn't last.

A year later, after completing an internship with the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, Liza attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale's intensive 3-year MFA Playwriting program.  Along with a 4.0 GPA Liza earned a campus-wide thesis/dissertation award, beating out thousands of other Masters and Doctoral applicants -- in her second year.  It's this incredible education which gave Liza a solid sense of structure, both in her own writing as well as others'.  

With adult literacy as a lifelong cause, Liza received her SIT TESOL Certificate from Rennert in New York City in 2010.