Liza's foray into book writing began by way of the Self-Help industry.  After working with best selling authors Barbara Sher and Dorothy Leeds, she was able to carve a niche amongst authors and life coaches, ghosting, structuring, marketing and consulting on their books, newspaper and magazine columns, and speech tours.  

Over the years, Liza has continued to ghost in all realms of memoir and business, naturally those "authors" names will remain under wraps.

In 2010 Liza was asked to contribute to The Screenwriters and Playwrights Market (Writer's Digest Books).  Her essays "From Page to Stage" and "Once Upon a Playwriting Idea" reflect her unique method of completing a play based on story structure.

In 2012 her short story "My Midnight Cowboy" was published in the collection Dancing at the Shame Prom (Seal Press).

She spent several years prior interviewing acclaimed New Yorker illustrator Robert Tallon for his only biography, a commission from the American Illustrator's Gallery in New York City. 

For Event Bookazines, Liza completed two titles in 2013, "The Book of Miracles" and "The Great Gatsby Era", putting her journalistic background to great use by incorporating original material and never-before-seen interviews.

In 2014, Liza contributed to BMI's 75th Anniversary coffee table book, writing about legends of days of old and interviewing such musical giants as the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.

In 2015, Liza was commissioned by Beckett Publishing to write the bookazine Led Zeppelin: The Greatest Rock Band of All Time.

In the ghostwriting industry, Liza is still known as the go-to for anyone, regardless of genre, who wants a painless experience which produces a book in record time.