StylePower is a new bi-weekly column by Liza Lentini about re-thinking personal style as your superpower. 

This is an unapologetically feminist column by a woman in her 40s with a definite agenda—empower women of all ages, shapes and sizes through kick-ass style. And not just women, but anyone who needs some extra chutzpah and might find it in some bejeweled oversized sunglasses, an heirloom from a bad-ass grandma, volunteering at a women’s shelter, or getting naked once in a while. 

It’s about forgetting everything you learned and just being yourself. It’s about harnessing your inner-superfreak. It’s going back to a look you loved as a teen. Or maybe trying something new.. It’s about channeling your favorite icon. It’s about wearing that dress you’ve been saving. It’s about smashing the shit out of “do this and don’t do that” lists, because no one should tell you how to be you. That is powerful

Hey, you have to start somewhere. So, by all means—START. Start with your freaking closet. 

But style is defined by so much more than what you wear. It’s also your attitude, what you contribute to the world around you, and what you intend to leave behind. Style is your spirituality and your energy. Style is your heart. 

The right style can change your world. (Just ask Dress for Success.) Maybe we don’t change the world, but we can easily change the way someone approaches their day. And that’s something. The queen wears a crown, priestesses wears robes, Joan of Arc had her thing—that was their StylePower. 

What’s yours?

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