"Loon" is a screenplay about Martin, a thirty-something, downtrodden drifter who returns to his secluded boyhood home in Maine after his parents died.  Having fled at first chance, he left his mentally disabled brother Frances behind and has now come back to take him into his care.  But Martin is unaware of the power a small town above the law has when it wants to fulfill its own distorted agenda, and Martin will find himself fighting tooth and nail to save Frances from a distorted community --even if it means death.

Very early on, "Loon" caught the attention of a major movie studio (who shall remain nameless) and rose up the ranks of negotiation.  Liza halted the deal completely when execs wanted to change a pivotal through-line in the story.

In 2006 "Loon" was optioned by an independent producer, though the film was never realized.  The deal was handled by Liza's then-representation, Susan Schulman & Associates.  

Liza works as a script doctor for screen and stage plays alike, while she continues to write scripts of her own.